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Recommended for patients usually over 45 years of age, depending on prescription and eye condition.


In cases of extreme glasses prescriptions, RLE might be the only option for surgery. RLE can correct wider ranges of prescriptions, which exceed the parameters LASIK or PRK can treat. Upon evaluating multiple factors, our clinic will advise you of your options. Moreover, if you have early signs of a cataract, RLE might be the better choice.   

If your natural lens is clear, and you’re under age 50, then you are likely a better candidate for laser eye surgery. This is because your natural lens still has some near focusing ability left, though it may be diminished, and the laser eye surgery can correct your distance vision while you use this near focusing ability you have left of your lens to help see up close. LASIK is a surgery of the cornea, or front surface of the eye, and during LASIK the natural crystalline lens is not touched.

The RLE procedure is performed the same way as Cataract surgery. Although RLE is similar to cataract surgery, the reasons for performing the surgery are different. RLE is considered an elective procedure, there is no medical condition requiring surgery, it is an alternative to wearing glasses. Cataract surgery is done for medical reasons i.e. the cataract is causing inadequate vision which cannot be corrected with the use of glasses or contact lenses.

Find out more about the lenses that CATARACT MD currently uses for RLE.